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“Let’s witness out civilization becoming Climate Neutral.”


Hi and welcome to my Digital Life Hacks Blog! 

My name is Patrick, I’m 32 and I am technology insider. I believe that technology is here to serve humanity and not the other way round.


I focus on delivering products and services that will amplify entrepreneurship skills and capabilities of an individual and raise his or her Nature Awareness to another level. I believe that this way I can help my vision become reality.


My first important goal is to help reduce working time for everyone to 6 hours a day for 5 days a week without lowering the salary level and I believe this can be achieved through better timing, planning and more effective project or task execution. Efficiency is the key to lowering working time and reducing gas emissions.


Given the example that one must work for 40 hours a week, by reducing working time by 25% to 30 hours a week and at the same time by improving overall company’s performance by 33% we can reduce gas emissions up to 25% for work related emissions and the time we gain can be spent on Green and Climate Aware actions to improve this mark even further.


I believe we should all be self-sustainable on small-communities level, living in a peaceful relationship with the nature, the key to sustainability of our very kind.


At the age of 31 and after 15 years of searching for my “Why” and the Purpose, I finally stepped on the path of developing the skills I always had but never dug into. I decided to follow my inner voice that led me to becoming a Programmer and Cinematographer.


Working independently at the present moment, I offer a variety of coding and film-making services and continue to work on my own projects by applying my analytical, creative and logical skills.


Most recently I focus on several programming projects, skill-showcase short film and animation, and the first outcomes will be presented between December 2018 and March 2019.


I am inspired by numerous persons ranging from my close relatives, to friends, to more popular Simon Sinek and Elon Musk. Everything I know as a Programmer and Cinematographer I owe to generous friends and strangers, as I chose the self-teaching or rather auto-didactic path, and I am grateful for the invention and constant development of the Internet.


If you support the same causes that I do, you are more than welcome to contact me to discuss collaboration in projects that will help us achieve our dreams together. If you enjoy reading my blog or using my products and find them useful, you can donate a cup of coffee that will keep me awake while working on achieving my goals.


Thank You for visiting my site and enjoy reading.


The evolution of technology

It was back in 90’s when I made my first experience with PC. Since then I always searched to explore the world of personal computers. Since then, we have witnessed technology evolution from big and heavy tower PC’s to more compact Laptops, accompanied by  landline modems, introduction of broadband, flat screens and finally reaching the shape and power of today’s smartphones.

The latter is continuously and consistently replacing the former versions of Personal Computer with unlimited data usage allowance and processors that outperform many of its’ predecessors. Today’s smartphones have become more personal than a computer had ever been in history. Digital Life Hacks Blog you found will improve your relation with technology of 21st century.

The Toxic Human-Computer Connection

I will give you simple example here: Many of us don’t have any more need to visit our home office. We just pull it out of our pocket, literally. Many of us don’t have any more need to sit in front of the desk to respond to our e-mail messages or to write an essay as a part of our homework. But for exact this reason, this thin line of separation between technology and humanity that it became, there are constant distractions from social media or video games for example. These are always with us, each and every day, day and night. Whether at home, on the bus, at work or in the school class.

These distractions, and many others, hold us back from tapping into the full potential of device-human or human-device relation. Instead of using a smartphone for our benefit we use it for trivial and useless tasks that become our habits and so we become addicted to just another thing in this world. The Digital Life Hacks Blog is here to help you overcome those problems and to help you benefit from technology use.

The Remedy

OK, so the smartphone is pure evil, right here in my pocket, right? NO, I am not saying that. On the contrary! It is almost a miracle to have such a device! Only two or three generations back they didn’t even imagine what the future will bring to their descendants. Don’t throw it away, just learn from Digital Life Hacks how to use it the right way!

Unlock the full potential of Your Smartphone, and do it for the benefit of Your Life, Your Future. Did you notice how I wrote Your Smartphone? It Is Yours, not the other way round. So why then spending every spare moment on the stuff that doesn’t even improve Your Life? Following others’ lives will not bring more happiness and fortune into Your Life. Start using your smartphone for your own benefit, not the others.

Become a Master with Digital Life Hacks

So I am telling you right now, you can stop being a slave to your device, and instead you will become the master of it and master of Your Life.

In this blog I will guide you through the labyrinth of what’s out there in the market. Much of the stuff you really need actually is already there, right out of the box! I will give you valuable tips on what to use, how to use it, what can be achieved with that, and how this will positively affect every aspect of your life. All straight out of my own first-hand experience with technology that lasts for a majority of my life. Thanks to this experience I can provide you with precious information that will improve your life too. Here on Digital Life Hacks blog I am going to share with you my knowledge about technology and I will give you only tried and tested solutions ready to be applied to your life.

Real World Application

Finally, I will put you on your own path, whoever you want to be and whatever you want to achieve. You will become fluent with all the positive that can be extracted from your personal computer that is Smartphone. And if you already know the benefits and tools available there, you will be able to deepen your knowledge and master the tools you knew they exist but you have never really tapped into their full potential.


So stay tuned, as I will be posting my first advice and precise set of instructions absolutely free very soon. The solution I will post wraps around probably the most important aspect of our lives. I guarantee you will take control over your life again. Let’s keep it the way it should be – technology for people – and not the other way round.

Positive Perspective aka Digital Life Hacks

written by Patrick Liss

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