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Video Productions – filming, video editing, animation and more

There are no video productions that are too big or too small.

video productions Sanremo, Italy

Positive Perspective deals with the video productions of various types. They offer a wide range of video services, photography and animation. All video productions are tailor-made to meet the customer’s requirements and the budget available for the video service. Here’s what we’ve done in Positive Perspective:

Tv spot – Video per Web – Presentazioni per Web – Animazioni – Video Aziendali – Corporate Video – Video di Formazione o Video Didattico – Music Video – Foto e Video per Eventi – Backstage Video – Video per Nave – Video per Hotel – Reportage – Short Film

If You can’t find the sort of project that interests You, write or call to receive an estimate for Your cinematographic project / video project. The cost of service depends on complexity of the project. You can chose any kind of budget. We will prepare an estimate of cost before begining any kind of work and we will consult it with You. Estimation doesn’t cost anything, of course. Together, we will find best solution to to carry out the video production that addresses Your needs and that fits in a reasonable budget.

For Your attention, numerous visual projects like the simple animation or corporate video for hotel are being done in two days, with a small budget of €200,00. In general, one working day of video operator/director/editor or animatior costs  €120 – €200. The actors and extras cost around €10 per hour. Bigger and more complex projects can cost bit more, basing on the number of persons involved in video production and time necessary for filming and editing/post production.

Wedding video is priced differently and You are kindly requested to refer to wedding video page of this site.

We remind You that the work is done basing on occasional collaboration contract. Vat incoice is not produced. Please make sure that this kind of contract is sufficient for your needs.