My mission in everything I do is to help our civilization become Climate Neutral.

My first important goal as a programmer is to help reducing working time for everyone to 6 hours a day for 5 days a week without lowering the salary level.

I believe this can be achiever through better timing, planning and more effective project and tasks execution. Efficiency is the key to lowering working time and to reducing gas emissions, therefore apps I offer or recommend are the tools that will help this reality come true.

Given the example that one must work for 40 hours a week, by reducing working time by 25% to 30 hours a week and at the same time by improving overall company’s performance by 33% we can reduce gas emissions up to 25% for work related carbon footprint and the time we gain can be used for Green and Climate Aware actions that will offset our carbon footprint and improve this mark even more.

Are you the person who likes the idea of having everything under control?

Do you keep track of time you spend on doing certain tasks or would like to have an opportunity to do so?

Do you like the idea of learning from past actions to improve your future productivity and effectiveness?

Would you like to increase your performance and lower your working time so you can earn more free time for yourself, your family, your friends and anything you that you enjoy doing?

Would you like to become more Nature Aware and help our civilization become Climate Neutral?

If for any of those questions your answer is yes, then Task Counter app is an application for you.

With Task Counter you can track the time you spend on any task during the day, and the cool thing about it is that you can review the data for any past period to get the clear view on effectiveness of your work.

With Task Counter app you have full control over the time you spend on any task. You can add any number of tasks you perform and set daily, weekly or monthly recurrence so they appear on your screen only on days when tasks should be performed.

You can set priorities for your tasks to give importance to those that are meant to be performed prior the others.

You can set targets for your tasks, whether minimum or maximum time for task execution, and be informed when the target is met.

You can start and stop timer with simple touch on the Task. The timer for task currently being executed will work in the background so there is no need to keep the app open or phone turned on. When you switch your phone back on, the total elapsed time will be shown correctly and seamlessly.

You can switch between tasks simply by tapping in new task and the Task Counter will freeze previous timer and start the one for new Task.

You can navigate through daily agenda back in the past to check execution times for all the tasks.

You can use the statistics page to view graphs showing execution times of any task during any past period.* You can compare multiple days data by touching the duration bars with two or more fingers.

Statistics page also provides total elapsed time for given period and task and periodical elapsed times, e.g. week of month in the period queried by user.

If you forget tapping on task to start the counter, you can always insert data manually for any past day.

There are many more features to be implemented in forthcoming releases. I commit myself to add the ones that are most desired by users, so please keep me informed on what you would like to see in next version of Task Counter by participating in Online Poll or by leaving a comment here or on the market.

If you will find a bug, an error or worse, please let me know this by contacting me and providing me with information such as device, operating system and version and the nature of discomfort you find while using the app.

Are you up for the task?

Let’s reduce working time by increasing our performance by 33% !

If you are ready to download the Task Counter app for free, please navigate here.

Enjoy your new app.


*Currently Task Counter supports up to last 365 days of statistics data for any task in the history. However the application can collect data for any period of time. This means that with the release introducing wider statistics periods you will be able to access data that has been inserted before the Task Counter update was made.