LIMBO - About the Project and the Storyline

LIMBO – About the Project and the Storyline

LIMBO film project has launched in late 2014 under “A Prima Vista” work title. Initiated by independent cinematographer Liss Patryk (Positive Perspective) it came to life in one of the Sanremo’s pubs where Prague Sunrise crew has taken on key responsabilities and roles for the project.
Patrick has chosen Manon del Core to play key character – Julia, and after first “warm-up” shots it was clear that the decision was right and Manon was more than happy to undertake the task.
Soon after, Daniele Belisario as an assistant producer made his important move by recruiting Erjon Sula, an artist who works as main graphic designer for LIMBO as of now, as well as plays one of the key characters, which is Charon.
Their first steps were followed by arrival of Gaia penna who will soon prove herself acting besides Manon and others. She also is responsible for script and dialogues location as the script for LIMBO series pilot episode was written by Patrick in english language.
Limbo pilot is written, directed, filmed and edited by Patrick, although crew and cast members provide him an essential number of costructive advices during the filming process, so the credit goes to Prague Sunrise too.
LIMBO pilot is planned to last 33 minutes and will be followed by series of episodes soon after. The music featured in the Limbo is composed, performed and produced by independent artists such as Chris Zabriskie, Piotr Czyż and El Cid.
LIMBO pilot will introduce you to the story of Julia who, striked by misfortune of a very close person, finds herself trapped between life and death. Her endless and enormous will to aid does not let her to transcend into distant parts of afterlife, making her prisoner of her own. Place that she calls Limbo is her chance to rejoice with her loss but the price she’s ought to pay is yet to be discovered.
You can follow updates about LIMBO at official Limbo film Page or their official facebook page.