Why the hell I chose Windows Phone over Android??

Why the hell I chose Windows Phone over Android??

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Exactly, why would I do this? We all know well that iOS is s##t and Android is the best, but Windows? On The Phone??? It probably gives you the BSOD every other time as it does on PC, doesn’t it?

Well, it doesn’t really.

Several weeks ago, when my good n old Samsung Galaxy refused WhatsApp update due to lack of free space, and my contacts app was soo sloow that I couldn’t call emergency number on time, I decided to visit local phones store to look around.

My first thought was to get a brand new phone with enough RAM and lots of internal memory space to finally get all the apps I always wanted to have. There were many phones and all looked the same – the same as iPhone, yes. All in exact same shape, dimensions, even bigger, and ugly. What’s worse, most of them had price tags out of my reach. There were Samsungs, Samsungs and Samsungs. There was iPhone too, even two or three different ones – the same really.

And I told myself – I will find something different.

I don’t wan’t and I definitely don’t need 5″ display, I already use tablet and another huge screen is pointless, especially on the phone, on the go. Phone must fit well in one hand, but it seems that today people don’t mind making phone calls from their 5,5″ screen phone-tablets.

I didn’t want iPhone, not because it’s not a good phone. It’s too expensive for what it offers (or what doesn’t) in my opinion. As an Android fan I know that I would miss straightforward file manager and possibility to quick hook-up-to-pc to copy whatever I want. iPhones don’t do it. Androids do. What’s more, iPhone doesn’t look like iPhone anymore. 5, 6 of them new models? I could give up easy file access and get iPhone 4 if it was bit cheaper, but it’s not.

I neither wanted Samsung. This is because I have an impression that good Samsung is overpriced and all the good Samsungs have screens like Plasma TV. No, thank you.

So, what phone to get?

On the Internet I searched for new mobile phones under €130. I was looking for some new Sony Experia, because I had one years ago and I liked it. And I found it. It was about to cost me around €120 from retailer. I quickly took off with the money to the store and was about to buy a brand new Sony Experia E1 because it was looking good,was not too big and felt right in hand, better than ultra slim and rounded corner other makes.

When I arrived I was told that the phone is not available straight away and I may wait several days for the home delivery. But I was really hungry for a new phone and didn’t want to return home with empty hands this evening. So I asked the man what he has that fits my budget. He didn’t give me a choice really as there was not much of good for the money.

He showed me Nokia.

Nokia Lumia 535 to be precise. Not even Nokia, but Microsoft.

Nokia?? With Windows??!! I am Android user! Who uses Windows on the phone? I saw this phone in action one time when A girl I met was sliding through the windows 8 tiles on her touch screen and I thought that it’s a bad idea to get one of those. I didn’t even want to think that I would have to give up my Android screen and menu.

– It’s not that difficult to use, even simple I would say – said the sales rep.. It has 1 gig of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory, + expansion slot and dual-core cpu.

It seemed all right I must say. After couple of minutes I realized that the scary tiles menu is very comfy and intuitive. It even seemed more powerful than Android’s screen with app shortcuts.

– But it has 5″ screen – I said. It’s too big and will slip of my hand very likely. – Do you have 4″ one with similar specs.?

– Yes, Nokia Lumia 435. Newer, with smaller screen and it’s under €90.

Great! I found a phone that is fast, has much more memory and space than my last mobile phone I had and it costs meless than I thought I had to spend. I got my Nokia Lumia 435 for €89. Well, not really Nokia but Microsoft, but we all know that it’s good and old Nokia inside. I never expected that I might come back to Nokia mobile phone again and here we are, brand new Nokia.

Screen with Windows’ customisable tiles is great. It’s the best screen ever. Better than Android even. And the menu, well it’s as simple as old Nokia’s menu. Nokia always had simple interface and this time it’s not different.

At first I was worried that I may lack access to the apps I need – something that everyone fears when making choice between Android and Windows Phone and finally end up with Samsung or iPhone. To my surprise Microsoft didn’t let me down and I found all the apps I needed.

There is a calendar that syncs with all of my google calendars. I have several email accounts set-up on Nokia. I sync different contact groups with my other devices and it seems that Microsoft does it good. It feels like using iPhone rather Android, but with Windows Phone you have more power over your data (more like Android rather iPhone).

The Files App makes a Nokia work as if it was Android phone, but it’s not. It’s still Nokia, or rather Microsoft and we didn’t expect it does what it does. The Windows Phone lets you use same WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Twitter, Facebook and WordPress apps as on Android or iOS. Google Maps are here, fitness apps are here as well, the Internet works, WiFi works. Even USB Tethering or Internet sharing over WiFi works with an iPad without credits.

Other apps like level, MyFitnessPal, Adobe PDF Reader, PC Remote, Voice Recorder, YouTube – they’re all here in my Nokia too. Even MS Office is here and it works for free, with Word or Excel. It works even with my OpenOffice files as I found out recently, and this is both for reading and editing files.

So where does it lose? Or rather why does it lose? ( it definitely loses profits)

For me – an Android-type of guy, iPad user and PC geek – Nokia is the future, and as it was the pioneer and top seller in the past, it will very likely step into the lead battle with others. It may be with Microsoft and not alone, but it doesn’t lack anything and offers everything that’s needed. For me Nokia, Microsoft, Windows Phone is a mix between iPhone and Android – something that I was always looking for.

I will very soon upload a video review of this class phone. Stay Tuned!