Who Are We

Welcome to Positive Perspective – Video Services!

My name is Patrick and I am a head filmmaker of Positive Perspective – video productions house that offers video services to Clients from Imperia to Monaco (including Sanremo, Bordighera, Ventimiglia and Menton).

Positive Perspective - Video Services - Sanremo, Italy

My motto is “Cheap.Fast.Good – PICK TWO”. You desire a video service that doesn’t cost too much? Very well! But it might take a little bit more time to finish it! Short on production time? No problems, but it may cost a bit more. Quality service? Of course! But remember that it may take more time or cost a bit more to finish – It’s Your choice afterall!

For me there is no project that is too big or too small. I have vast experience in the video services field. Today I am glad to say that I have accomplished numerous cinematography projects in UK and Italy. Together with my collaborators we have carried out video services for businesses, non-profit organisations, physical persons and artists.

If You desire to watch a selection of my video productions or to see the showreel, navigate to Home Page or Categories Page. There You may be able to find an inspiration for Your new video project. Years of experience offering video services have taught me and my colleages that every project is different. We already know that Your video will be original – first of it’s kind.

In case that You are Actor/Actress or Model You can visit Face Bank Page to register for free. When registered, You may be contacted if there is a possibility for work that meets Your profile.

The prices are explained on a separate costs and services page. In general, we work with any kind of budget, even that small. To find out more about how much can cost Your video services call or write to us today.

One important note: Services are done basing on occasional collaboration contract. We do not produce the VAT invoice. Please double check that this is sufficient for your needs.

Hope to hear from You soon!