Study Project Mars TV Advert

Pubblicità Mars Chocolate Bar Brand by Mars – TV Ad study project by Liss Patrick


I’m Patrick and I am the owner of this blog/website. This time I would like to share with you this experimental video advertising I created for Mars.

The reason I made it is simply because I desire to work for one of the top employers in Europe (one of them being Mars). I make films since 2009 and today I am self-learned videomaker with plenty of experience. But would the employer trust me? This is where I thought a simple presentation on the real example would help me.

So here it is, my experimental study project around Mars chocolate bar.

My aims were:

– keep it cheap since the budget goes to buy media space

– make it catchy, so the audience will want to watch it and hopefuly like it

– keep it short (in accordance to 8 second rule, beginning content is the most important)

– be it universal – applicable for various audiences and diverse advertising methods.

And here comes the video outcome of my work:

So, please write and comment, I look forward to hear your opinions and constructive critique will be more than welcome.

(Mars logo was used in this non-profit project with all due respect to the brand)