Editing DTK Animation Review

Editing DTK Animation Review

Hi everyone!

I recently produced a short animation, or video presentation if you like, for my friend’s business enterprise. You may wonder how the process of making such an animation looks like simply because you are interested in working with me or would like to produce something similar. For this reason I decided to write a brief review of my recent animation work.

First of all I must say, that all of us – video editors (whether compositing or linear/non-linear video editing specialists) – work in a similar manner, although each person probably takes their individual approach to the project. This may depend on various factors such as:

the project’s type, character and it’s purpose,
client’s vision and creative potential of the editor (you are lucky if you have some “space to breathe” on the creative side of the project),
time and budget limitations,
tools and resources,
many other factors and requirements which I will not mention for now.

In case of DTK Animation I was lucky to be given a total freedom on the creative part of the animation, not only that of editing – being rather more tedious or demanding on various levels for some people (I personally love video editing and compositing, but there is nothing worse than ending up in the project where you cannot contribute to the creative part!), but also within concept creation and choice of effects.

The downside, on the other hand, was that we didn’t have any budget or much time to complete this project, so it was a bit difficult to achieve what we wanted on time, but we finally made it and what’s more, the final effect is acceptable, looks good and we decided to carry on with editing and do even more in the near future.

So, before making any attempts to touch the keyboard and mouse I had to familiarize myself with my friend’s business itself, his website (which you can view here: www.dtkstudio.pl ), I had to shape the idea and collect all the necessary material required to accomplish my goal.

Having the opportunity to craft the video along with my creative vision my very first move was the choice of the right music for this piece of the animation. I was looking for something that could be quick, short, energetic, quircky and catching the attention. I went for the “Epilogue” track from the Album “Scattered, then Gathered” by Syndrom . This track was best matching my needs for the animation. It also has these amazing bits and pieces splendidly crafted by Syndrom that great animation effects are hungry for.

So this is where my animation became it’s first moves in my head. I had many visions of how this animation should look when finished and I could simply pick one of them, then follow the plan to complete the task, but on this occasion (since I could work more creatively) before sketching the plan for editing I chose to create a first working draft of the animation that will allow me to have a visual concept, not just the written one. It is a good way of starting your main editing part if a clear plan of work does not exist in the first place.

If you would like to preview first working draft of the DTK Animation you can see it here:

First Draft gave me a better picture of where we are heading to with the animation itself. It already consists of all necessary pieces of information required by the business, resources aquired from the business owner have been all used and “sketch” of the key animation effects has been “drawn”. First draft animation, however, is not a “state of art” piece and is not synced with the music properly, neither it is fully developed to the high end quality level yet.

Next step was much easier, thanks to having the ability to preview the “prototype”, and consisted of undertaking the second part of the editing work that leads to creation of the Second Draft, being at the same time the first “acceptable” version of the animation. Why was it easier?

First of all the second editing part was an easy part because majority of work including concept and resouces inclusion has already been performed. What’s more, creation of the First Draft of the animation, no matter how bad it looks to a person “from outside the business”, didn’t take much time – substituting at the same time plan for work that we were missing in this project (not always the best solution, but some people prefer to work visually first).

Second, all that was left to do was to adjust the First Draft without abandoning it, tweak it here and there, add missing effects, sync it with the music and give it the touch you are looking for. And this is how the Second Draft of the DTK Animation came quickly to life.

You can preview this second draft here to see how much(and how little) it differs from the previous version:

This is how the first version of the animation has been done for this project. I like working this way since as I said, a “prototype” gives you the live preview of your planned work, while not taking much time to be crafted. But as I said, be careful as not every customer may be happy after seeing this “working” version. It depends on the person I believe, and the best way to do is to keep this part of your work for yourself. I personally never quit editing job on the first draft – simply I am never satisfied enough by it’s look. You may think that rendering costs you time, but it pays back! Your animation may become much better and more powerful if you take a look at your work from a different perspective.

Written by Patrick – editor, filmmaker and photographer at Positive Perspective

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